One-on-One Coaching for Christian Leaders

Keeping you out of overwhelm and on-mission so that you can do your best work and change the world.


Leadership fatigue is real - but you don't have to stay there.

Whether you're leading a non-profit team or a for-profit organization, overwhelm often finds us. But you don't have to stay there - there is a better way. I'm here to help you regain clarity, reclaim your life, do your best work and change (your corner) of the world. Let's kick fatigue and overwhelm to the curb and keep you on-mission, together. Ready to start?

Stop racing to Nowhere...

If you think you're TOO busy to become LESS busy, this simple guide was made for you.

No more racing through your day trying to check off all the boxes of a never-ending to-do list that's filled with tasks that you're not even sure matter.

It's time for better. It's time to take back your time.


CliftonStrengths Coaching

Personalized, one-on-one coaching, made for you. Know your strengths and leverage them to do your best work.


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